“Dr. Szabó István Tamás Law Firm” was founded in 2003 and since then it has been representing its clients in the frame of both permanent and ad-hoc assignments by providing quality services in all areas of the business life.

Our customers include numerous institutions active in the financial and capital markets and we provide assistance to both individuals and legal entities in real estate law, corporate / business law and financial law matters as well as in litigation and out-of-court procedures. Our services are available in Hungarian and foreign languages.

To satisfy the needs of our highly valued and growing domestic and international customer base, our services are carried out by the managing partner, senior partners, associates, counsels and junior associates – all working in close cooperation with other international and domestic law firms, accounting firms, forensics / technical experts and real-estate agents. As a result, we can assist our clients not only in the legal domain but can provide complex and thorough support covering other fields, as well.



Dr. Szabó István Tamás Ügyvédi Iroda

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    Pro Bono

    The pro bono is a latin phrase which means voluntary, unpaid skilled labor or denoting work undertaken without charge.

    Our office proudly says that it undertakes law representation tasks for people in great need and non profit organisation. Such cases can be seen below.

    Animal Protection

    Animal protection law in Hungary is quite widespread. It is not only controlled by the Criminal Code 2012 C. Law and the civil code 2013 V. Law, but there is a separate law just for the protection of animals.

    Criminal code chapter XXIII. regulates crimes against the environment, nature , and animals.

    What to do when you are witnessing animal cruelty?

    Your first option is to call the police. To help police prosecute the criminal make sure to collect evidence to back the accusation. Make sure to only collect evidence if your own safety is not at risk. Evidence can be photograph, video or other people who will testify.

    Your second option is to contact us and we will assist in taking the case to court. Usually this option is taken only when police can no longer investigate the case due to the lack of evidence.

    Your third option is to contact the city administrator knowing that they are obliged to investigate any case which has been reported to their field.

    Whenever you come across animal cruelty do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you taking the necessary legal steps.

    Environment protection

    Our office’s goal is to comply and enforce the European and Hungarian environmentallaws and obligations. We always ensure that our customers understand the different regulations connected to environmental law regarding its methods, proceedings and law institutions. We provide assistance to several environmental protection public institutes in law and economy related fields. Our focus is on regulatory powers and administration of justice.

    Internship Opportunity/Program:

    From 2017 we decided to accept applications from students who are enrolled in law schools/universities and have not yet finished their studies. This is a great opportunity to get insights what is it like to be a lawyer since successful candidates will have to chance to test themselves in real estate law, company and business law, financial law, in civil action lawsuits and in non-adversarial proceedings. You will be able to experience and test your knowledge side by side with our permanent partners during trials as well.

    As a requirement we as you to have at least 2 semesters completed at a law school/university and the motivation to test your skills and knowledge. Please send your curriculum to titkarsag@szitugyvediiroda.hu and we will evaluate your application and get back to you as soon as we can.